Dir Iddik in association with Center Anir

Event Photography Agadir – It’s always great to photograph events in Agadir, especially when the event has a special cause, like this one, hosted by Dir Iddik.

Creativity is an amazing gift to humankind. It’s unbelievable what man has made during the last decades, like flying to the moon and the creation of the telephone.

Creativity has its consequences though, either for good or evil. The earth has been paying the costs for it.

That’s why we were thrilled to capture an amazing initiative taking place in Agadir: kids taking care of the planet and being extremely creative.

The event took place at Centre le Pont Pour la Protection de L’Enfance Association Anir. Association Anir is for at-risk children, including some Syrian children. Association Anir has been running a program called “Young Environmental Ambassadors”. This event was in collaboration between Association Anir and the INWI initiative Dir Iddik and was focused on teaching children about recycling and protecting the environment

Through the program’s coordinator, Aissam Lahmoumi, and six other volunteers, the kids were taught about caring for the environment through creating. During the event, we saw old tires turning into plant vases, newspapers transformed into little baskets, pots, and organizers. It was wonderful to see something that was thrown away now supporting new life and new ideas.

The best way to take care of our future is to teach a new generation to think about it in the present.

Event Photography Agadir – Dir Iddik

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